Why Advisor's Choice?

Advisor’s Choice is a full service insurance brokerage firm whose focus is in support of Financial and Investment Advisors.  When you trust Advisor’s Choice with your business, you can look forward to a professional, consultative and advisor-friendly insurance process.  Advisors have found our “service first” culture translates to more satisfied clients and greater overall revenue for your practice. 


If you are an advisor where insurance is not the primary focus of your practice, you'll appreciate how a single source for all your insurance needs will simplify and streamline the entire insurance appointment, quote, case management and compensation process. You’ll find our selection of over eighty insurance carriers provides unprecedented access to the most competitive portfolio in the market for all major insurance lines including Life, Annuities, LTC, Disability and Asset-Based Care products. 


Here's what you can expect from Advisor’s Choice:


  1. To deliver thoughtful, consultative services and support.  We'll collaborate with you to understand what you're trying to accomplish, and develop a solution that puts you and your client in the best position to succeed.
  3. To make the insurance process as easy as possible.  We understand how important your clients are to you. If we don't make your insurance experience simple, consistent and timely, everyone loses out.  We believe with our hands-on, consultative approach, you'll find insurance is not only worthwhile, but that it can become an integral component of your overall practice.
  5. To provide you with highly competitive compensation.  There's nothing wrong with getting paid well for a job well done!  We recognize the importance of offering competitive compensation as part of our overall value/service model.


Along with this website, we also encourage you to check out www.mylifeease.com.  LifeEase is our highly regarded administrative fulfillment process where you, the advisor, can request online that a profesional from the LifeEase Team  fill out the life application on your behalf, not to mention complete all the processing, and case management related to your life cases, regardless of carrier, product, or state.  No more life applications and no more insurance paperwork!


Want to know more?  We're always available via our contact info below. It's our privilege to learn about your practice and discuss how Advisor’s Choice can become your preferred insurance resource.


Thanks for your interest, we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!