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John Hancock/Vitality:
An innovative life insurance solution
that rewards healthy living!
Risk Mitigation
is an Important Element
of Financial Planning
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As a financial advisor,
I help my clients plan for the future
That’s why Advisor’s Choice is part of my practice
The Percentage of Cases Placed
are Directly Correlated
with the Speed by Which They are Processed
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AppointEase is our central repository for all your appointment and contracting information. Enroll with AppointEase just once, and then no matter which insurance carrier and state of issue, we'll be able to process your future appointments with very little, if any, paperwork from you at all.

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AppEase™ is the fastest and easiest way to complete a life insurance application. You can use the AppEase™ one page application request form every time you wish to write a life insurance product, for every carrier, every product in any state!

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Client Policy Review

When was the last time you reviewed your client's risk portfolio for appropriateness and tax efficiency? If you answer isn't “at our last client meeting”, your clients need CPR (Client Policy Review). Life insurance is an asset and needs to be viewed as such.

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