Advisor Intelligence: Business Owner Disability Insurance (Tools, Techniques, Expedited Platforms & Simplified Underwriting

If small to medium business owners are part of your practice, please click here to join the Advisor's Choice Advanced Markets team and the Disability Insurance experts at Principal Life for a special webinar presentation January 24th just for you. 

Participants will learn: 

The different forms of Disability Protection, with a focus on Business Overhead and Loan Protection. 

Lender and SBA Requirements Regarding Disability Insurance (and why they're meaningful to you!) 

How to present to your client and how to implement 
Reasonably priced solutions that the business owner will find both affordable and appealing 

Expedited online AppEase processes and simplified underwriting that can deliver a policy in less than a week! 

Agent/Advisor appeal: the highly attractive compensation structure (significant ongoing renewals!) and no DOL ! 

We'll also include several case studies of how best-of-breed peer advisors include disability to protect their business client's investment. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 11:00 to 11:45